Our Food

Every procedure undergoes strict scrutiny with zero tolerance on compromising quality


Our food and beverages are designed to retain maximum nutrients of every ingredients used. Wholesome Savour offers only 100% vegan food and beverage with no dairy, no gluten, no trans-fat, no additives, no cholesterol, and no preservatives. We strive to bring you the healthiest option in food and beverages. Because at Wholesome Savour, we are always rooting for your health!

Our Process

All of the ingredients are hand-picked, sorted, and washed with alkaline ionized water to remove pesticides and insecticides.
Cold pressed juicer is used to retain freshness and all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals within our natural juices.
Adopt fresh-cut processing by utilizing ceramic knife to prevent any oxidation and loss of nutrients food molecules.
Most of our food is dehydrated under gentle conditions to minimize the loss of nutritional value in the food.
Our innovative packaging is designed to protect the texture, flavour and nutrients of the food.

Our Menu

All Day Breakfast Set (SGD 15)

Grawnola Trio and Mylk
Your choice of Vitality Greenola, Dark Force Chocnola or Lively Chai with our homemade almond milk, served with seasonal fruit. Our handcrafted grawnolas are made with sprouted buckwheat, activated nuts, seeds and superfood herbs and spices, providing live nutritional goodness to get you through your day.

Rainbow Probiotic Parfait
Gradients of in-house fermented cashew macadamia yogurt with kiwi, mango, strawberries and sprouted buckwheat crumble.

The Savour BLT 3
Spring butter lettuce, heritage tomato, avocado, streaky coconut bacon and lemon mayo, served between sprouted sunflower seed and onion bread.

Forest Berries Flapjacks
3 fine layers of pancakes topped with our superfoods such as seasonal berries, coconut mascarpone and candied walnuts.

Hangover Bread
Chef’s daily homemade banana and prune bread, served warm with cinnamon coconut almond butter, berry-chia jelly and in house fermented cashew macadamia yogurt.

Kimchi Spider Roll
Turnip rice, Korean probiotic kimchi, pickled ginger and mixed veggies, wrapped in Japan nori and served with our specially made ponzu sauce.

Smoothies Bowl (SGD 10)

Blooming Violet Smoothie (Wrinkle Remover) Freshly picked blueberry, Banana, Field lavender, Lemon, Freshly homemade almond milk
Packed with proanthocyanidins and gallic acid Help to slow wrinkling, repair skin damage and reduce scarring

Mad Mango Smoothie (Body Hydrator)
Thai mango, In house fermented cashew macadamia yoghurt, Chai, Freshly homemade almond milk Rich in vitamin A and electrolytes. Stay hydrated significantly longer

Skinny Avocado Smoothie (Fat Burner)
Fully ripe pineapple, Mexican avocado, Baby spinach, Mint, Spirulina, Lime, Fresh coconut water High in fiber and heart healthy fats Keep you feeling full for longer and help to regulate appetite

Beauty and the Beet Smoothie (Skin Blush)
Baby beetroot, Banana, Imported American raspberry, Madagascar vanilla bean, Freshly homemade almond milk Packed with iron and vitamin C Provide natural anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne and pimples

Mylo (Mood Enhancer)
Banana, Coconut nectar, Fine cacao powder, House blend natural condiment, Freshly homemade macadamia milk Contain chemical serotonin and stimulate the production of endorphins Function as anti-depressant and bring on feelings of pleasure

Pink Flamingo (Deep Sleep Inducer)
Pink pitaya, Banana, Strawberry, Superior goji berry, Freshly homemade almond milk Natural food source of potassium, magnesium, serotonin and melatonin Act as natural muscle relaxants and control the body’s internal clock to regulate sleep

Special Topping of the Day
Sprouted Buckwheat Grawnola (choice of Greenola or Chocnola)

Frozen Yogurt (SGD 8)

Matcha Rawreo Cookie Dough
Matcha frozen yogurt, Sesame dark chocolate cookies, Dark chocolate ribbons

Rose & Kaffir Lime
Rosewater frozen yogurt, Zested pistachio, Raspberry swirl

Healing Herbal Tea

An infusion made from steeping premium traditional Chinese and Western herbs.

Immune BoosTEA (Immune Booster $20)
Dandelion, Pure lingzhi cracked spores, Atractylodes, American ginseng, Siler root, Echinacea

AnTEA-aging (Anti-aging $18)
Wild cordyceps, Poria, Ejiao, Rehmannia glutinosa, Fo-ti root, Gotu kola

Anti-faTEA (Energy booster $15)
Astragalus root, Ginseng root, Dendrobium nobile, Eucommia bark, Cinnamon, Goldenseal

Wonder DigesTEA (Improve digestion $15)
Hawthorn, Dried orange peel, Pinellia, Licorice, Euryale seed, Linden flower

Alka-Herb TEA (Improve acidic body condition $15)
Selfheal, Chrysanthemum, Snake-needle grass, Angelica root, Honeysuckle flower, Gynostemma

The HearTEA Soul (Improve heart health $16)
Kudzu, Salvia root, Ginseng, Hawthorn, Codonopsis pilosula, Yerba mate

Cold Pressed Juice (SGD 9)

Wakeup Call (Gut Doctor)
Pineapple, California butterhead lettuce, Fennel, Cilantro Full of fiber and digestive enzyme bromelain. Help your digestive system break down and absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.

Green Field (Alkalizer)
Freshly picked young wheatgrass, New Zealand granny smith apple Contain abundance of chlorophyll and loaded with essential amino acids Restore the balance between acidity and alkalinity in the body.

Carotene Harvest (Kick Starter)
Australian carrot, Butternut pumpkin, Jewel sweet potato, Orange, Turmeric, Ginger, Freshly homemade cashew milk & American Ginseng. A great source of beta-carotene and bioactive phytocompounds. Play a critical role in neurological function to maintain healthy vision, increase stamina and prevent fatigue.

White Wonderland (Heart Guardian)
Fine quality jicama, Korean pear, Parsnip and Amla Low in calories but high in fiber and antioxidants Lower levels of “bad” cholesterol that triggers hardening of our arteries

Skip to My Loupe (Immunity Booster)
Cantaloupe, Summer plum, Strawberry, Tropical lemongrass, Peppermint, Hibiscus infusion, South American chia seed Naturally high in cucurbitacins and vitamin C Scavenge disease-causing free radicals and act as an important line of defense for a healthy immune system.

Hulk Hydrator (Toxin Buffer)
Guava, Packham pear, Celery, Burdock, Fresh lemon, Ginger A good dose of cancer-fighting lycopene and potassium Provide body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best and support liver detoxification process.

Raw Nutrient Dense Cake (SGD 12)

Avocuddle Lime
Hass avocado, spirulina and zesty lime mousse set on a crunchy macadamia and coconut crust

Cranberry Hibiscus
Ombre hibiscus infused cream set on a crunchy pistachio and fig crust

Mango Macamania
Cultured macadamia, mango and passion fruit cream set on a crunchy macadamia and coconut crust

Strawberry Turkish Delight
Rosewater strawberries and white chocolate cream set on a crunchy pistachio and fig crust

Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Bitter raw cacao ganache with scattered raspberries inside set on a crunchy hazelnut and cacao nib crust

Banana Alvis
Maple banana semifreddo, sticky date caramel, salted almond and cacao nib crust, banana chips

Pumpkin Flan
Pumpkin custard, hazelnut and cacao nib crumble, dark chocolate sauce

Goji Lemon Swirl
Cultured lemon cashew cheese, swirled goji jam set on a pistachio and fig crust

Dehydrated Snacks (SGD 12)

Kale Yeah
Duo of low heat dehydrated kale coated with capsicum chipotle and miso ginger dressing

Zesty Chips Trail
Collection of marinated dehydrated vegetables

Tortilla Amigos
Thinly handmade raw corn chips served with hass avocado smash, chunky salsa and cashew sour cream

Paleo Flax Crackers
Carrot and butternut crackers dusted with house blend southwest spice and Italian herbs

Signature Dessert (SGD 12)

Sunshine Sparkle
A truly refreshing pure mango sorbet overflowing with our in house sparkling juice

Custard Rose
A Spanish custard apple sorbet overflowing with our in house sparkling juice
Natural isotonic drink (SGD 5)
(choice of Citrus, Passion fruit, Lemonade)

Alkaline ionized water (SGD 2)
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