NutriReplenish Meal

Our NutriReplenish Meal(NRM) focuses on replenishing individual’s nutritional needs with customised functional formulations.

Each NRM includes special creation of Alternative Protein (Nutritious Meatless Meat) in our main course, which is a high quality protein made with unique single cell protein that contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids.

In addition, our NRM consists of Antioxidants, Complex Carbohydrates, High Quality Protein, Unsaturated Fats, Vitamins, Electrolytes and Minerals that are essential in restoring all required body nutrients.

Using NRM as a post workout meal provides maximum nutrients for optimal absorption (Double Your Efficiency, Speed Up Your Recovery)

Order your NRM set today and have them delivered to your preferred address at your desired time!

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Real Food Revolution

At Wholesome Savour, you can expect honest and simple food that does not compromise on flavour. Our food not only tastes great but is packed with nutrients and goodness too!

Our promise is to create delicious food that is healthy, nutritious and of great value.

We source all our ingredients ethically in their most natural form to create chef-inspired dishes, made fresh daily.

All our products are hand-made on site by our talented chefs and made fresh to order wherever possible.


Our Food

At Wholesome Savour, we are pushing new boundaries, testing new concepts to bring you new ways to enjoy healthy and delicious food.

We offer only 100% natural food and beverages without gluten, trans-fat, additives, dairy, cholesterol or preservatives.

Our Process

All of the ingredients are hand-picked, sorted, and washed with alkaline ionized water to remove pesticides and insecticides.
Cold pressed juicer is used to retain freshness and all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals within our natural juices.
Adopt fresh-cut processing by utilizing ceramic knife to prevent any oxidation and loss of nutrients food molecules.
Most of our food is dehydrated under gentle conditions to minimize the loss of nutritional value in the food.
Our innovative packaging is designed to protect the texture, flavour and nutrients of the food.

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